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Mr. Ally Abdallah aged 49 is a resident of Manzese Kilimani informal settlement in Dar es Salaam. He has lived in the settlement for since1980’s. .For all that time,

Mr. Ally was using a pit latrine which he had never enjoyed using. It was a traditional pit latrine which was frequently getting full due to high water table and had no privacy.  Because of this nature, sometime the faecal matters would overflow and imposes health risks especially for children.

In 2016 Mr. Ally heard about CCI and federation providing technical and financial support in terms of loan for construction of a toilet from the Local Mtaa Office. He says I realized that these are the people to approach and rescue him from the misery of the toilet he had.  He did not take long, he reached out to CCI and federation and luckily enough he was the first beneficiary in Dar es Salaam to be introduced to Biofil toilet.  

Mr. Ally says, “I was excited and curious too especially when thinking of how earthworms will be used to solve my sanitation challenges especially on emptying and digging up pits when a toilet gets full, because with earthworms you don’t dig a pit and no emptying of waste water as I was told by CCI technical staff”.  


A toilet was constructed and finally handled to Mr. Ally for use. He was excited and happy. Since 2016 Mr. Ally has been using this toilet and forgot the bad experience he had for many years.

Mr. Ally is using a biofil toilet which is an onsite faecal matter treatment system. The design of the toilet separates liquid and solid waste. The solid waste is retained in a digester chamber to decompose by macro-invertebrates (Earth worms) into compost while the liquid filtered can be drained   into the ground. With this toilet, you don’t have the cost of emptying your toilet, no digging up the pits, no odor, feasible in urban and rural areas and it is environmental friendly.


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